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онлайнтесты.рф is the fastest growing intelligent online entertainment website.

Historically, quizzes are used as an entertaining pastime for a competitive plan. Since 1975, quizzes have been used as games in television programs for competitions and prizes. Quizzes are also widely used for entertainment of an advertising nature to attract an audience of goods or events. In addition, there are examples (IQ-tests, educational quizzes) of using the answers of players to assess knowledge, based on the complexity of the questions, speed of answers, topics and other directions.

This site contains questions from various fields of knowledge. The site has questions on biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics, literature, social studies and other topics. New questions appear on the site daily. Learn more about the world through our quizzes. Develop logical thinking, train your memory!

With the heyday of the era of smartphones, the quiz has become available there, allowing you to play anywhere and anytime. On our site you can escape from the routine. Spend time with ОнлайнТесты.